Anything Anime-- Updated June 23 2007

Here is a collection of anime-related and Japanese-related goods I have for sale ^_^

For now, items are arranged by series ^_^ I hope that isn't too confusing since each series can have widely differing items, lol. If it doesn't have a price, make an offer!!!!

Welcome to C'est Que J'aime/Feedback

I would like to welcome everybody for coming to my selling journal and thank you ahead of time for your interest. Please refer to the entries below for navigation and information. Contact info is in profile. Thank you...

After a long epic hiatus, I decided to re-open this journal >.o So sorry if many things are under construction, I am trying to get it organized as fast as possible! This is my summer project to raise money for various summer things...

If you want to post feedback, you may do so here. I'm not anal about it ^_^ But I will definitely give you feedback if you want it, so just ask! Please note that while it does not look like I have a lot of feedback on LJ, I have done at LEAST 100 transactions, with my most recent "sale" just being a post where I was giving items away, so I have many buyers who can vouch for me. I also have feedback under the following accounts:

garagesalejapan under the username angie_in_the_oc.


Ebay under user "angie_no_miko" (the most feedback by far).

Trading List-- Updated June 23 2007

I've finally got some things down on here for now...let me know if anyone has anything they want to trade or partial trade!

Movies/Anime (Nothing burned, all must be DVDs)
-Big Brother The Complete Third Season
-Big Brother 4: The Ex-Factor DVD Set
-Koi Kaze Complete Collection (or the 3 individual DVDs)
-Ai Yori Aoshi Complete Brick Set\
-Futurama DVD sets (all)
-The Oblongs DVD set
-Home Movies DVD sets
-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live Action DVD set (can be bootlegged, must be of good quality though)
-Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Special Edition (with ALL extras included)
-Linda Linda Linda (foreign film, Viz Video)
-Slayers Try
-Slayers Next
-Sailor Moon S Vols. 2-3, NOT Signature Series version, the original with the reversible cover (I know, fat chance of me finding these, but I would just rather have them than the Signature Series ones I have now so that my collection is the first edition)
-Generally, I like anime, and I'm more partial to shojo/romance stuff. So if you have complete series of anything Shojo-y, let me know. Also, no bootlegs if it was/is available in Region 1. If it wasn't (Sailor Moon Live Action, for example), I will make exceptions.
-Generally, I like comedy TV shows, I love many of the shows on Adult Swim, and wouldn't mind having them on DVD. Exception: Family Guy, American Dad (I have both of these already).

-Kare First Love Vols. 7+
-Love*Com Vol. 1
-Video Girl Ai Vols. 1-???
-Generally, I like Shojo manga, so if you have anything you think I might like, let me know. I love romance, too. I tend to gravitate towards mature themese, lol. For some reason I am really partial to Viz manga (I guess I just like a lot of series they do!) but obviously it doesn't matter what publisher it is if it is a good story...

Music/Music Paraphenilia
-Sailor Moon CDs (Don't really care about them being official or not...NOTHING BURNED THOUGH)

Random Stuff
-Sailormoon stuff (except "barbie" dolls, books, DVDs, American plushes, and cards. I like figures and stuff like that.)
-Final Fantasy stuff (not games or game guides ^_^)
-Fun DS and GBA games
-Any RPGs for GC, PS1/PS2, GBA, DS, PSP

Please show me your trade lists, I can't possibly think of all the things I want!